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"Some ships are meant to conquer the ocean"

Intertwined : Part I

Anticipating at the dock,

I stayed twitchy and glum,

Discerning the pranged ship,

I was stormed and numbed

When I was about to concede,

vowing not to sail again,

Scintillating my desires out,

Letting me drown back then

I heard the voice,

and I sensed her presence

She was that embellished breeze,

that rejuvenated my sense

She tranquilized the storm,

and made the ocean halt

and crafted some way for me,

And unlatched my vault

Vault that was a conundrum,

Of memories and my dreams

She made me keep the good one,

And made me forget my screams

She splintered the anchor,

that long enthralled my ship

She covered all the masts,

and enabling it to breathe

My ship has now sailed,

She became my wind

giving me the direction,

And eventually intertwined..

"And some fail.. but life goes on..."

Intertwined : Part II

You were the wind,

when my ship was sailing

You were directing

without even failing

We tackled storms,

what happened to us?

We were in form,

what is all this fuss?

Splintered anchor is back,

my ship is now anchored

I see no wind

and the ocean unconquered

The vault is opened again

which is still a conundrum

of this disdain memory

and the long lost fun

Who will tranquilize the storm

that once made the ocean halt

I see the fate of this halted ship

was it really my fault ?

I hear no voice

there is no such presence

embellished breeze is gone,

does it even make sense ?

I am about to concede

vowing not to sail again

Letting all my desires out

and drowning in this game

I wish I had anticipated

staying twitchy at the dock

Discerning this pranged

ship I've now hit the Rock

May be...

I'll let this ship drown

it wasn't the black pearl

I'll build a new one

and embrace the new world

I'll be a great sailor

sailing without a wind

Untangling and resolving

what was intertwined... 💔

"And there are times when your heart completely melts"

Melted Hearts

Time slowed, eyes widened

misted over with exuberant smile

A hope in their solitary life

reminiscing once in awhile

A mother in an old age home

hoping not to die alone

A guilt on her son's face

and a trembling voice on phone

A woman whimpering all night

imploring god for her man's life

Critical mission having attained

the soldier returned to his wife.

A child who painted his dreams

in an orphanage for years

Saw his new parents as he turned

slithering away his tears

Pausing his emotion for a second

taking some time to realize

Once unrequited and now marrying

taking vows looking at her eyes

All those who were once desolated

now finding their new solace

They had a burning desire inside

for someone to fill that space.

Their belief wasn't mistaken

happiness rolling down their cheek

A choked voice trying to make

their melted hearts to speak

"Just like how cheese melts over a pizza..."


This craving is endless,

I wish I could eat you

I'm hungry since long,

It's time for me to meet you

We are not cheesy,

But what we have is

Every layer of it,

Every bite is a bliss

We both love it,

We both want this

To melt in this heat,

And to indulge in a kiss

All ingredients are ready,

I'm firing up the oven

Let my fingers do the magic,

And feel as if you are in heaven

When my lips touch you,

that ecstasy I feel

Sudden burst of joy,

Better than a Happy meal

Red tomato sauce,

Oregano and chilly flakes

Compliments your beauty,

That takes away my breath

Oh my one and only,

I love you to the core

Nothing else can quench,

I just want you more

If you are the only one left,

And I've nothing left to cry

I would just be glad to stay hungry,

And just hold you till I die.

"And when the 'attachment' starts to grow..."


They are those two rivers

streaming freely not knowing

that they will soon be

coalescing in the ocean

They are those two poets

lost in their abstractions

not knowing they'll soon find

their way in each other's balladry

They are those two poles

enticed by their presence

opposite by nature still forming

strong magnetic force of love

They are those two raindrops

which are falling leisurely

on the leaves of a tree

which they will call their home

They are part of a story

which is unfolding the way

its never read, never written

and has no end of its own...

"Unlocking all desires"

Let me write you

Let me write you

With an ink of Love

Let me fire up

Your desires underneath

For you are now impassive

A book never scribbled

Let me scrawl it

With full of zest

Let me love you

Like the valleyed sun

Let the ray shred the cloud

Pinning down your emotions

For you are the ocean, having

millions of sumptuous thoughts

Where the vehemence exists

Let it defeat your nemesis

Let me traverse every page

Every inch of it

Let me adorn the corners

And appraise the beauty of it

Once you are written

The readers will be perplexed

For how sensational

This story is

I'll let you read my mind

I'll uncover you with my words

Let me breathe deeper

And inhale your fragrance

Of all those deadpan pages

Which I'm here to write on

I'll make it as if

It was never written as such

Let me write you

With an ink of love

And Let me fire up

Your desires underneath..

"And when it needs to be revived again... "


Once which was a wild ride

Its been quite a while

Since she left his side

And he lost his smile...

Punctured soul pumping vein

Dusty heart being mundane

He recalled that crazy night

Sky was black and it rained..

His car undriven since long

His scar didn't heal along

He hoped she'd return someday

Singing his favorite song...

He chose to decide

Not to frown and hide

He turned on the lights

And engine revived...

He drove that night

To bring back what's lost

He didn't care about the rain

He knew what it had cost.

He reached her grave

With flowers in his hand

He knelled and proposed again

He cried and wrote on sand :

"I'm alive but you left

Please come back don't forget

I have loved you since years

Don't leave me with tears

I promise I'll take good care

I'll cherish the love we share

If only a second it would take

For I'll put my life at stake"

Came a voice from his heart

"I never left, you retard

Go back and repair this car

I'm here to heal your scar."

Happy and sad at same time

Knowing she was right

He drove back to his home

Started repairing his car alone

Its been a month now

His car is as good as unchanged

Flashed a memory as he looked

When their eyes exchanged

This car symbolized their love

She met him once in need.

When he gave her a lift

On the rainy night indeed.

Dead are those who don't love

She lived in his memories

He felt loved when he drove

His car, through the trees...

He promised her, he'll stay happy

Her love didn't go in vain

And with roar of that engine

Their love story revived again...

"When you drown in your fiction"


Cascading thoughts poured in

Melted by her satin looks

I was sitting on a chair

Reading a fictional book

As she took a glimpse of me

My blood pressure soared high

I had a weird feeling, like,

I was plunging from the sky.

People silently looking at me,

I kept screaming inside.

Just wanted to tell she's pretty

Just wanted to sit beside.

Then I realized

That Oh, she is mine.

Because 'I' wrote that book

And the thought chilled my spine.

She was my imagination

I kept loosing my clarity,

I never knew when it happened

That fiction became my reality

"When you ask if its too late ?"

Its never too late

In a world in which we are

custodian of our rights.

Where half of our experiences

are as dark as bright.

Shallow are our thoughts

not to think so big

For we can have large branches

and just not the twigs.

Think what you could've accomplished

if you didn't complain all along

having the right spirit to conquer

killing your fear being so strong.

Go and live your dreams

Choose love, don't hesitate.

For nothing will stay

except memories that you create.

Everyone pages their journey

I'll write mine so well,

Crying out of joy when I'll have

And a hell of a story to tell.

Its never too late

and Its never too late...