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Idea of falling in love in the most unexpected way...


He was simple. He was holding a Diary. He was waiting for someone.There were colours, reflected from the sky as sun was slowly setting down.

She was walking slowly thinking about all the recent events. Gentle breeze making her comfortable enough for dimpled smile. Sound of sea and traffic on one side merged and she was composing her own music in her head.

The idea of someone being romantic and proposing her right at this moment was stupid enough.

But who stops dreaming when nature wants you to do so!

She was into her thoughts that she didn't notice someone was watching her. When she saw him, he immediately turned his face. That guy was there since many days observing her whenever she went for a walk at the shore. She continued observing him, when he looked again, she went up to him and SLAPPED...

"How dare you staring at me daily, do you think you boys can have fun like that ? "

He was embarrassed, not ashamed, shocked by sudden behavior of that girl, he became numb and his brain omitted thoughts like they are letters in a haplology. But he stood there for a moment of silence and said,

"I am sorry."

The next day, she saw him again with a diary. But he was not looking at her. He was silently looking at the waves and writing in his diary. She thought she was wrong scolding a simple guy who had no wrong intentions. Yet he was so humble apologizing her without even arguing...

"Excuse me", she said.

"I'm sorry for my behavior that day, I thought you are a regular stalker..."

"That's fine, I don't blame you..." he said calmly.

"But you were looking at me, don't you..?"

"Yes I was watching you..."

"Well, I don't blame you now, may be it's natural for you all to see girls walking around."

"That's quite not the case, if we don't look around, how do we date anyone... "

"So you wanted to ask me out? So why didn't you just talk to me? Okay, try me... If I'm impressed, Its a date"

"Are you sure? "

"Staring a girl won't help much, don't you know the basics?"

"Well, that's an easy trap"

"What do you mean? "

"Dating a girl by saying some random lines you find it on the internet, not quite my way of impressing anyone..."

"Well I'm not quite impressed by your reply either..", she gave a sarcastic expression.

He just smiled... wrote something on the last page of his diary, tore the page and dropped it, in the dustbin near by and walked away.

She picked up the paper after he was gone, from that bin, which said,

"If you picked this paper up from a dustbin full of garbage.. Then I've already left quite an impression on you... "

One year later...

He was simple. He was holding a ring. Wait was over.

She waited for someone she once dreamed of while walking on the shore... The idea of someone being romantic and proposing her right at that moment was not stupid enough...

His diary was still there and the title said

Date : A short Story

When you hate rainy season and eventually fall in love with it...


I hated rainy season. Although I liked the early monsoon showers and it's petrichor.

I had a broken umbrella which I was planning to mend since few days. Two blocks away from my society, there sits a man on a roadside, who repaired small household items and earned his livelihood.

I took out my jacket and went for a walk holding my umbrella. I wished it didn't rain as morning was cloudy and darkness was gripping my hope. As I reached the man, he asked,

"Yes Sir, how may I help you... ",

I just realized he had all the tools wrapped in a LINE of polythene bags.

"Why are all your items wrapped in those polythene ..."

"Because it seems it will rain heavily today, I do not want my tools to get rusty, the only ones I have..."

"How much would you charge to repair this ?", I handed my umbrella to let him examine.

"30 Rs Sir", to which I agreed. By that time his daughter came running towards him and asked if she can skip her school as it was about to rain. To which he denied and asked her to take the old rusty umbrella he had.

"But father how will you sit here without one ?"

"I'll manage, you go and study well..."

She took the umbrella and went, she didn't want to disappoint her father who was working hard for her education. I saw her turning back and looking at him with worried expression. I felt heavy, my heart was broken.

I could see some tears, sparkle fading from her eyes just when it started to drizzle. She was gone, meanwhile my umbrella was repaired and he asked for 30 Rs in return. He also started checking his tools if they are properly sealed inside polythene bags or not.

I started heading back to my home. After I crossed the first block, It started to rain a little bit more just when I turned back to see him open the umbrella and smile back at me.

That moment, that exact very moment, I realized I am in love with the rain. I spread both my arms and felt the raindrops drubbing my palms. Fear of getting drenched did not bother me anymore. That feeling of slowly permeating water all across my face which had hidden some of my tears of joy.

Life always shows us a red signal... But what if...

His last Christmas toy

He woke up as usual. A boy hardly aged eleven. He offered his morning prayers and went off to face another challenging day.

He dreams. Every body does. Irrespective of how big or small, he believes.

He has a basket of toys. Children aged eleven would definitely like to play toys, wouldn't they !

Standing near a traffic signal, he saw a car. He ran towards it as a man waved his hand to call him.

"How much for all these toys? "

"10 Rupees per piece"

As the man was finding his wallet, the boy impatiently looked at the red signal.

"Do you study? "

"I don't have enough money to purchase books"

"Where do you live"

"Anywhere down the street, entire city is mine"

"I mean where is your home? "

"I dream of it"

"Sure you do, please have a seat !"

And the signal turned Green

Memories are pleasant, its just that it haunts when you don't want to remember it..


It was a winter night. I was sitting outside my tent in a forest resort. The tent was large enough to accommodate everything a full suite can have. It wasn't dark at all as sky was clear and glowing in the starlight.

There was dim decorative lighting around as this resort often serve people who come here for their leisure time . This place was no less than a favorite destination of many.

My eyes suddenly caught two butterflies out there dancing with each other. As if I was witnessing pure love. Butterflies were blue in color and environmental lighting was so perfect, that their wings seemed to be on fire, a shimmering blue flame. May be they had burning desire to be with each other !

I felt very nostalgic. I might be the only one alone in the woods, rest were all couples.

Thinking about couples, I remember I came here three years ago. It was a similar night. Her voice still echoes in my head. Her whispers still make me shiver with affection. Her looks when she came out of the tent, long skirt, a denim winter jacket, sapphire earrings which sparkled exactly like those butterflies I was seeing right now.

We had butterflies inside us, when we were in love. Today even though she is not here. But as I can see and sense, these butterflies... Even if it isn't inside us anymore !

When you figure out what is best for you...

It's time

"Dude, what century are you living in, get over it. She doesn't even see the future with you", she said.

"But I know she loved me, she might have her own reasons.", He said.

"Okay tell me, is she ever going to be with you? No, she will go on living her own life without 'you' anywhere in it. What are you talking about love and all? Do you even know what love is? You are stuck in your own imagination.", she said furiously.

There was silence between the two for a couple of minutes.

"I told you, I know we won't be together. But the thing is, it's me who realized it way too early. She might be too young to understand it. Maybe she will realize it later. May be things will turn around. Maybe... "

"No, you are going on a wrong path and you know that is not ending up anywhere. What if she was not the one. What if you will figure out the one who you would love is still out there somewhere. If you think she is losing an opportunity to have you, what if YOU are losing a chance to find someone else who would make YOUR story much better as it deserves to be, you love someone who doesn't even consider any future with you? This isn't love, it is stupidity", she was getting angrier.

Those words made him realize she was right. He was blinded by the love he thought it to be. He had closed his doors for someone else who might be the right one for him.

"I think it's time for you to start it again.. Have some hope and go on", She said very seriously.

"I know you are right. But I don't want to go through it again.", He said with a perplexed emotion.

"You have to...", she said.

"It's time...", he glanced at his watch. Maybe he had figured it out.

Some wishes never gets fulfilled...

Locks to our wishes

We are the locks to our wishes.

Each of us has a different story to tell. Story of those people who chained their desires and wishes and locked us here. We don't know how many of those wishes were fulfilled or how many of those desires burned into ashes. We don't know what's our role in it. Once we are locked, we can stay here still, without moving, without being opened for years.

We usually observe when a new one is chained. It's shy at first and then it gets to know us. It knows its purpose to just be here so that they get some comfort thinking we would do something for them. But it’s their desires, their feelings, their emotions, and their wishes. Some wish for the loved one, some wish for a bright future, some may wish for others and some just do it for fun.

The newest lock had joined the chain today ...

"Welcome to the chain new one... What’s your purpose here... Another love story? ", I asked... The new lock nodded in affirmation.

"There are loads of us here, we aren't even aware how many of us have fulfilled those love stories...", I said to the new one...

"Master wished his love to be happy where ever she is now and if possible return to him again... ", said the new one...

"She always used to come here... She once came with that boy... I carry her wish... She wished to be with him forever till the end of her days", said my locked friend pointing those other locks that she might have tied for her other wishes.

"She tied me when she first came here wishing that her father allow her to go to visit her mom... ", said the smallest lock.

"Why had she left him?", I asked

"She left the world but him... And she finally got to visit her mom... I guess her first wish has been fulfilled now... ", the new lock said.

I was speechless...

I have listened to many stories... But not as heart-wrenching as this one. Wishes buried under two of my friends were fulfilled...

I had perplexing emotion of whether I should rejoice for my fellow locks that their purpose was well served, or feel bad for the new lock whose wish will never come true ...

I have a similar wish inside me and I hope this doesn't turn out this way... While my master wants it to be fulfilled.

I'm confused about my role will be... But someday we all hope to be opened and all those wishes locked inside us will be known, without a key...

Maybe we are just the locks, carrying our wishes...

When 'falling' in Love demands trust...


We all have certain moments when we feel we are in love. Be that a person, place or any random feeling. Those are the moments that we cherish and remember.

It was a summer day that Mr Rahul Subramanian had bought a yellow colored Vespa for his newly wed wife Geeta. She did not expect this surprise. It was until recently that they had started to get comfortable with each other. He was behaving quite compassionate and caring, but a bit stupid. She had told him she had never ridden a motor vehicle because she was afraid. Yet he bought her a Vespa !

"You know I can't ride !", she said in despair.

"Not unless you try Mrs Subramanian", encouraged her husband.

"I will fall for sure"

"Here is the medikit, here I am and here are your keys, now get going..."

"I'm still saying"

"No excuses, Come on now, quick... "

Somehow she sat holding the handle and her husband sat behind her instructing her to start the scooter.


she started,

he supported,

she tried to balance,

he helped her balance,

Her feet failing,

so as his arm,

and then he held her shoulder. Which triggered the accelerator.

And then they fell.

She saw him quickly grabbing his bag and pulling out the medikit and starting to take out Dettol and bandage on her minor but wound. She smiled and insisted to try again. He agreed.

Two months later, Mr Rahul still sitting behind her, holding her waist as she was riding the scooter with confidence on a hill. Climbing every mile and blabbering how happy she was to learn something she never dreamed of. After reaching atop, in a moment she kissed him like never before. The shining Vespa witnessing the sunset and pinnacle of their romance.

She had fallen umpteenth times with him.. That summer day, not only they had fallen on the ground, but together as well, in Love.

When 'silence' grips your love


Silence gripped us. Not because we fought, but because we didn't. It was difficult to express our emotions with words. Neither I nor she had spoken that day.

But it seemed our body wasn't ready to be so numb ! Our eyes were playing hide and seek, where one was looking at other, not at the same time.

We knew if our eyes meet, that'll be it.

Our fingers moving up and down with anxiety, as if it was desperate to hold those fingers which made them complete.

We knew if we hold it, that'll be it.

Lips were open, just in case. Legs folded towards each other like they want to take a step forward.

and then...

Our eyes met, fingers intertwined, lips touched. Something kept us bounded. Like we never wanted to leave. Like we never wanted this to end.

At times we don't need a word to listen to one another. Because certain feelings are best left unspoken.

Mind is so illustrious that it creates it own illusion and make you feel perplexed...


I packed my camera bag, ensured I kept pair of extra batteries as I knew it was going to be a long day and I wouldn't want to lose time just to charge it then and then.

Sun was about to rise and day was about to begin, so as my journey of a lifetime.

There was something unusual about that day. As I went on my first solo trip to one of the most deserted places in the country and yet so beautiful. I wondered how no one knew about it !

It was my curious nature that I came across the blog of an unknown, who described the place as perfect as I loved to imagine, for it to be.

Sometimes we wish to imagine things and it, mere, stays in our dreams. But not anymore, I was about to discover how one's wish gets fulfilled.

I reached the place when Sun was on top of my head. But it was cool weather. And what I was seeing was no less than a Utopia.

Right then when a gentle breeze stopped my time. As if I was drifting in my own happiness alongside the beautiful orange land laden with orange flowers which I had never seen before.

Another breeze, slightly powerful enough to lift the few petals off the plants and flying around me in like a whirlwind.

In the midst of living in my own World of fantasy, when I took my camera to capture this beauty around me.

Time halted again.

Right at that moment when I was looking into the camera, I saw her. She was perfect. As if she was my destiny and as if my journey has finally come to an end.

For she did not exist in my life when I had ample time, and now that she was in front of me, it's as if time did not exist anymore.


I thought, this is Love. As she smiled, looked at me, whispered in my ear, as if she and I got entangled in mystic connection. Everything about her was divine, her eyes which had such brilliance and longing, her hairs having beautiful spiral curls. I clicked a lot of pictures of her. The batteries got dead. And yet I kept taking those photograph with the camera I was born with. Every click was my heartbeat. And her every pose that skipped my heart.

On that bright sunny day, in the middle of all those clicking signatures, there was no one to pout, no one to see, no one to listen.

It was my World. And she was the very nature of it.